Marital Bliss

In a society where divorce runs rampant like weeds and affairs seem to be part of every TV show, it becomes clearer that the only solution to a healthy, life-long marriage is the result of intimacy with God first. Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing some foundational keys to help young wives... Continue Reading →



With spring around the corner, numerous yardwork projects have been calling our name. As proud new home owners, we couldn’t bear the idea of someone else doing our yardwork, so we proceeded to Lowe’s to purchase what seemed like every landscaping tool invented. On the ride to the store, Caleb soaked in YouTube videos, learning... Continue Reading →


Someone really should have warned me about becoming an adult. I mean after all those years of learning the essentials like sharing your crayons and figuring out if Tommy or John would get to the store faster, you think they would have told us the harsh realities of adulthood. Like how laundry multiplies faster than bunny rabbits.... Continue Reading →

How Netflix Destroyed My Life

Netflix has destroyed my life. It may seem overdramatic, but it's true. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours I have spent watching Netflix in September. Okay fine. I will. I have wasted AT LEAST 40 hours lounging in my pajamas on the couch, waiting to see how Supergirl's love life plays out. In the... Continue Reading →

The Bees

I have always been a big fan of nature... Loved camping, sitting by the riverside, you name it! So it's no wonder that one of my favorite things to do with my husband Caleb involves being outside. We live in the perfect spot where we can walk out the door and walk by the river. My favorite part... Continue Reading →

Inconvenienced versus Injured

I’m one of those New Year’s Resolution nuts. Every year I make a list of 4-5 things I’d like to achieve during the year. On my list for 2015, I have the goal of running a 10k. Well make that had… Unfortunately, I won’t be able to finish a 10k before the end of the year... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving is almost here! A time of frantically shopping the stores only to find the ingredients you need are no longer on the shelves. A time of figuring out family arrangements and schedules. A time of traveling long miles on the road. And then of course there’s the whole thankfulness thing… That’s the whole point of... Continue Reading →

Home EC

I love sweets. What girl doesn’t? So when I found out in 6th grade home economics that our project would be baking cookies, I was ECSTATIC! Anything with chocolate HAS to be good. My teacher put us into groups of four and we began baking. We followed the directions step by step and placed our... Continue Reading →

Pressing On.

13.1 miles. A half marathon. The race I felt God calling me to run freshmen year. I had faced intense, life-changing decisions and felt God calling me to sign up for the Nashville Music City Half Marathon. Ultimately, that half marathon became a physical representation of the spiritual training God desired for me to go... Continue Reading →

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