Ephesians 3:20

Hey friends, I have begun to settle back in now that the craziness of July is over!  3 conferences at the end of July has left me in a conference coma. Until the dust settles from being away from home 10 days, I wanted to share this post from Kimberleigh Daniels on a familiar verse:…Read more »

Overcoming Fear

Today we have the honor of having my mom Pam Sigmon write for us on the blog. She has recently finished writing a Bible Study on life lessons from her dog Macy. Below is an excerpt from one of the topics she discusses in her Bible Study. Enjoy! If a picture paints a thousand words,…Read more »

July Updates

Hey friends, I am excited to announce that we will have a few guest posts on the blog this month! As the SheSpeaks writing conference gets closer, I have been working to meet deadlines for my book proposal. However, I wanted to make sure you still got your weekly read in. Stay tuned for a…Read more »

Apology Accepted

I’m pretty sure my husband Caleb drank some kind of juice at birth that gave him a knack for hard conversations. His full name is Joshua Caleb for goodness sake… A double portion of boldness, a name in reference to the two spies ready to take on the Promised Land while the other ten spies…Read more »

The Love Triangle

My heart is heavy. So, so heavy. Lately, I have been surrounded by numerous marriages that are breaking or have finally broken. I have been surrounded by marriages filled with unmet expectations, anger, heartbreak, uncertainty, despair. I may have even just described you, but let me encourage you. Their marriage is not your marriage. There…Read more »

Tied Together

In college, my friend introduced me to “Who are We Fooling” by Brooke Fraser. She said it reminded her of my relationship with Caleb. The lyrics of Brooke Fraser’s song seemed to mirror our relationship perfectly: We tried and tried to loosen the knots Thinking once we’re untangled we’ll be better off But it’s these…Read more »


Back in the summer of 2014, I felt God urging me to step out of my comfort zone and begin writing. Each step of this process has been a step of faith: starting a blog, praying for the words to write, and ultimately leaving a full-time job to work part-time and write. Recently I began…Read more »