Writing Thank You Notes

As a girl who loves sending snail mail and sharing encouraging words, thank you notes are my favorite! I love being able to express my appreciation for people through a cute card. We finished our baby showers, and I’ve been wrapping up thank yous.

I know others aren’t as ecstatic as I am about this process but think about it this way… Friends and family spent $25+ on the gift and wrapping, so they’re definitely worth spending some time and a $1 for a card and stamp. Here are some ways to navigate through the thank you note saga.


By keeping a list of who gave what items, you’ll find the thank you note process a lot easier!

At each shower, my hostesses wrote down who gave me presents as well as the gift description. After each shower, I added the givers to a list in a google document, adding detail where wanted (i.e.: instead of sleeper I would say sleeper with elephant design). In my google document, I organized details into 6 different columns:

  1. Giver’s Name
  2. Giver’s Address
  3. Gift Description
  4. Gift Receipt? If so, to where?
  5. Date Received
  6. Date Thank You Note Sent

By having the list in a google document, I had easy access the document at home, work, wherever! This was great for keeping up with gifts that were sent straight to our house or given at a different date than our showers.


As you have showers and receive multiple presents, your list of thank you notes can get overwhelming. Prioritizing can cut down on stress!

Prioritize thank yous using your google document.

  • The google document can allow you to sort and filter who gave gifts the earliest, if you’ve sent a thank you note, etc. I tried to use the priority order below since we had multiple showers. This is based on personal preference so you may want to prioritize yours differently.
  1. Hosts/Hostesses – These friends and family members spent hours and energy planning a shower for you. Not to mention it’s likely they spent $200-$300 on your shower. Share your love with them first!
  2. Mailed items – We received multiple items in the mail. By sending thank you notes to these individuals quickly, they will know you received their present and it wasn’t lost in the mail. If you’d rather write thank you notes to others first, it’s a good idea to at least text the individuals letting them know you received their present and a thank you is in the works.
  3. Out of town guests – These friends and family members intentionally took time out of their schedule to travel long-distance to support you and your family. How crazy nice of them!
  4. Remaining guests – Thank goodness for people who love and support you as you enter a new season of life!


Now it’s time to write and send those wonderful people some thank you notes.

Get a template going

The website below offers great suggestions for writing thank you notes. It has phrasing for various situations you’ll encounter like people who attended the shower versus who didn’t attend the shower, who gave gifts and who gave cash/gift cards.

I wrote a template based on the circumstance of the gift, then continued writing for the same style giver. For example, I wrote a card for an individual who didn’t make the shower, then went to my list of someone else who didn’t make the shower and copied the wording, simply updating the person’s name, the gift description, and what I loved about the gift.

Give yourself a timeline for sending thank yous.

I gave myself a goal of 2 weeks to send thank you notes and writing 5 thank yous when I sat down to write.

Give yourself grace if your expectations need to change. As pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel kicked in, I soon realized that my hands wouldn’t be able to write thank yous in two weeks, so 3 weeks became more realistic. Don’t give yourself permission to slack off though! It’s easier to keep up than catch up.

Send the thank yous as early as possible because you never know when the baby is coming! And trust me, you don’t want to feel like you’ve got thank yous hanging over your head when you’d rather be loving on your sweet newborn.

Note: If people tell you they don’t need a thank you note, swallow your pride and don’t worry about it! Just tell them your appreciation in person or through a text. Life gets busy preparing for a baby, so let yourself off the hook.


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