Faith over Feelings

Have you ever found yourself in a place of believing God is good but feeling that He isn’t? That’s exactly what my husband I have been walking through in this season. With our house being on the market for over a month now, time has dragged by as we’ve had a lot of interest but no official offers. In the meanwhile, the houses we’re interested in have gone under contract. To add to our feelings of confusion, multiple friends putting their homes on the market have been selling their houses like Krispy Kreme hot nows.

Earlier this week I found myself questioning God’s promise of opening doors to living Birmingham. God, I know you are good, I know your thoughts are higher than my thoughts and your ways are better than my ways, but why are there so many obstacles? When will your promise be fulfilled?

When we find ourselves walking through these seasons where we are forced to choose between faith and feelings, we need to encounter others who have heard God’s promise, responded to His revelation and experienced God’s word fulfilled.


  1. Silence your disbelief while God’s promise is being fulfilled.

When an angel visited Zechariah to inform him that he and his wife Elizabeth who was older and had never had children would become pregnant, he responded with disbelief and wanted the certainty of God’s promise. Ultimately, the angel Gabriel took away his ability to speak for 9 months until John the Baptist was born.

The angel said to him, “Now you will be silent and not able to speak until the day this happens, because you did not believe my words, which will come true at their appointed time. – Luke 1: 19-20

Disbelief has the power to disrupt God’s promise for us. The angel recognized the power of Zechariah’s words and disbelief, which resulted in Gabriel taking away Zechariah’s ability to speak words against God’s promise. In the same way, we must silence our fleshly feelings and words as we walk through seasons of uncertainty.

When we find ourselves choosing between faith and our feelings, there is no middle ground. We stare ahead at a fork in the road and are forced to choose one path. Our thoughts bounce back and forth like an endless ping pong match, believing our circumstances are insurmountable to believing God’s revelation and back to believing it’s impossible. However, we must silence our feelings in order to strengthen our faith.


  1. Seek out Godly advisors who can encourage you during the waiting time.

After we silence our doubt and fears, it’s important to pursue Godly counsel who will confirm and encourage us during the waiting season of seeing God’s promise fulfilled. It’s not enough to simply remove thoughts of disbelief, we must replace those thoughts with faith.

Mary received similar news to Zechariah, that an unimaginable pregnancy would come to fruition. However, in contrast to Zechariah, Mary didn’t stand around negotiating with the angel, rather she rushed to see Elizabeth and talk about what God had done in Elizabeth’s life. We can choose the path of faith over feelings when we seek someone who has encountered God, been given a promise similar to us, and seen that promise fulfilled.

Immediately Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, where she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth. – Luke 1:39


  1. Focus on the Who of the promise, not the how of the situation.

Often we find ourselves questioning the how of God’s promises when they aren’t happening according to our timeline. However, Mary reveals what our immediate response should be when faced with the fork road of feelings versus faith (Luke 1:46-55).

  • Celebrate who God is.
  • Celebrate what God has done.
  • Celebrate what God is doing, even before the promise is realized.

While Mary would have 9 months to see if Jesus would be born, she still believed God’s promise.

By choosing faith at the fork in the road, we will experience a greater depth of God’s greatness, His omniscient thoughts, and His unconditional love for us. God is good. His timing is perfect. His faithfulness is unending.

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her! – Luke 1:45


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