Someone really should have warned me about becoming an adult. I mean after all those years of learning the essentials like sharing your crayons and figuring out if Tommy or John would get to the store faster, you think they would have told us the harsh realities of adulthood.

Like how laundry multiplies faster than bunny rabbits. And how it takes 6 hours to wash, dry, hang, and fold all of it, only for the baskets to overflow 7 days later. Are you kidding me?! And of course there’s always the dreaded discovery of the dirty clothes pile that yet again has managed to avoid the cleaning process. To make matters worse, the laundry explosion really hasn’t even begun for us yet. We don’t have kids. Bless you mothers. I’m surprised you even find time to see the outside world.

Yes, they should have warned us. When they taught us to juggle scarves in elementary school, they should have been teaching us to juggle our lives. 40+ hour work weeks, relationships, household chores, and healthy living can easily make you feel like you are part of a circus. Sometimes it’s a scarf juggling day: you get in a groove and you feel like a pro. Other days it’s definitely an egg juggling day. You get out of rhythm and the eggs of life come crashing down on your face.

Sometimes (and when I say sometimes, I mean frequently) we just don’t feel like adulting. But the reality is that adulthood teaches us the biggest life lesson of all. Life cannot be learned through a book; it must be experienced through people. It’s not about the seminars you’ve heard or the articles you’ve read. It’s about the people you grow from and laugh with daily.

  • Mentors
    • When you surround yourself with people who have experienced more of life, you know what to expect when you reach that season. You have a better understanding of the hardships and the joys of that season. You learn the ways of survival and strength from them.
  • Friends
    • When you surround yourself with people who are currently experiencing your season, you no longer feel isolated. You begin to feel loved and normal! And what a great feeling that is!
  • Padawans (for all you Star Wars nerds) 
    • And then of course, there’s the beauty of ‘padawans.’ When you pour into people who are walking through seasons you’ve already experienced, you truly experience a life change. As your story comes out of your mouth, you will be reminded of God’s faithfulness to change your season and reminded of your knowledge gained from that season.

The power of relationship and experience defeats the accomplishments of school and certifications every time. So who are you learning from?


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