How Netflix Destroyed My Life

Netflix has destroyed my life. It may seem overdramatic, but it’s true. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours I have spent watching Netflix in September. Okay fine. I will. I have wasted AT LEAST 40 hours lounging in my pajamas on the couch, waiting to see how Supergirl’s love life plays out. In the past month, I have literally finished two different series and have a high probability of finishing a third sometime next week. Netflix, you’re so stinking sneaky with your transition to another episode, leaving me approximately 20 seconds to legit run to the bathroom OR antagonizing me to sit through 3 episodes before giving me permission to leave! Let’s be real, the only reason you even have the ‘Continue Watching?’ break is so we will snap out of our zombie state and remember the load of laundry that has been wrinkling in the dryer for the past two hours. The Struggle. Is. Real.

All that time I spent laying on the couch getting back sores, I could have been lifting weights at the gym building back muscles. All that time I spent in front of the TV last month walking through Supergirl’s self-discovery, I could have spent in front of a college student helping them with their self-discovery. And reality check, how many of us have spent more time with Emma Swan, Michael Scott, and Chief Jim Hopper this week than we have with the true, living God? Ouch.

Like I said, Netflix has destroyed my life. But like James 5:16 says, confession is good for the soul, and Lord knows I need some healing! As October begins, I want to live my life reminded that God has made me for more than watching NetflixHe has made me for more than laying on the couch; He has made me for changing my world. I will not live a life of complacency. I will not live a life devoid of growth. I will live a life worthy of the One who sacrificed His son for me. I will listen to God’s voice and pour into the people He desires for me to influence.

So the next time you see me, I won’t be binging on a Netflix marathon; I’ll be training for a real Marathon.


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