The Bees

I have always been a big fan of nature… Loved camping, sitting by the riverside, you name it! So it’s no wonder that one of my favorite things to do with my husband Caleb involves being outside. We live in the perfect spot where we can walk out the door and walk by the river. My favorite part awaits down the trail… The flowers! And now that spring is here, pops of pink, yellow, and purple can’t wait to greet us.

However, today as we were walking, we had an unwelcomed visitor. A visitor with wings and a stinger. So in natural woman fashion, I greeted him by waving my arms frantically and running away quickly. After the fiasco passed, I turned to my husband and with labored breathing yelled, “I hate bees!”

Not a few seconds after I spoke those words, I felt God speak to me.

You’re right, you do hate the bees. You hate the things in life that have a ‘stinger,’ the situations in life that hurt you or scare you. The bees seem to follow you no matter where you go or how fast you run. The bees that annoy you and inconvenience you. But here’s the funny thing about the bees: the bees reproduce the flowers. The bees expand the flower’s field

Okay, ouch. Way to call me out God. Being a CPA in tax season, God has given me a massive bee problem, challenging me to remain spiritually and physically healthy in the midst of deadlines and a full schedule. Specifically, He has challenged me to join a workout small group, work out 3+ times a week, and keep dreaming big in regards to women’s ministry and writing. My legs are definitely hurting and my dreams are definitely scary! But the reality is, the bee’s stinger has only brought peace, joy, and health.

So next time you flee for your life in a bee-encounter, remember that your challenges simply reveal you are alive and full of potential. Your bees ultimately make you a healthy flower, fruitful and influential.


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