This is the Story…

I’m a big fan of mixed CD’s. Especially since I’ve got an old-school Xterra without an auxiliary cord. I jam with my radio and my CD’s. A few months ago I finally had enough of listening to my 7-year-old college CDs, so I decided to make some new mixes. One of those being City Harmonic’s “I Have a Dream” album. I’ve had it in my CD player for probably a month now, but for some reason “Holy” came through the speakers and completely rocked me. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but halfway through the song I had tears streaming down my face.

This is the story of the Son of God
Hanging on the cross for me
But it ends with a bride and groom
And a wedding by a glassy sea
O death where is your sting
Cause I’ll be there singing
Holy Holy Holy is the Lord

How amazing that despite the scars and brutality of the past, the future holds hope and beauty. How amazing that despite my brokenness, He has crafted me into something new. I once wore rags, but one day I will be part of the bride that looks Christ in the eyes. I can’t wait to see God face-to-face and thank Him for the undeserving grace He has given me, the endless mercy He has shown me, the overwhelming love He has poured over me. My story is far from perfect. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Been friends with the wrong people. But I can rest in the fact that He redeems me.

He changes my story…


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