My husband and I are attempting our first staycation ever this month. We made lists of places we want to go, adventures we want to take, and things we want to avoid. Some of our not to do’s include: No checking email No working from home No worrying No fighting No cleaning No laundry (can…Read more »

Why I’m Boycotting Bible Studies

I closed my Bible Study, finding myself spiritually empty and confused. God, this doesn’t make any sense. Bible studies hold me accountable to read your Word so why can’t I hear you? Over the past few months, I have felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit telling me to stop doing Bible studies. So being…Read more »

Less Than

In this social media driven world, it’s easy to find ourselves dwelling on how we do not measure up in our looks, our possessions, and our relationships. Often we find ourselves feeling “less than”. Less than our expectations. Less than our hopes and goals. Less than our peers’ accomplishments and lifestyles. In this upcoming blog series “Less…Read more »

Ephesians 3:20

Hey friends, I have begun to settle back in now that the craziness of July is over!  3 conferences at the end of July has left me in a conference coma. Until the dust settles from being away from home 10 days, I wanted to share this post from Kimberleigh Daniels on a familiar verse:…Read more »

Overcoming Fear

Today we have the honor of having my mom Pam Sigmon write for us on the blog. She has recently finished writing a Bible Study on life lessons from her dog Macy. Below is an excerpt from one of the topics she discusses in her Bible Study. Enjoy! If a picture paints a thousand words,…Read more »

July Updates

Hey friends, I am excited to announce that we will have a few guest posts on the blog this month! As the SheSpeaks writing conference gets closer, I have been working to meet deadlines for my book proposal. However, I wanted to make sure you still got your weekly read in. Stay tuned for a…Read more »